Welcome to the Historical Cooking Group Blog

The Historical Cooking Group is a bilingual organization dedicated to meeting once a month to cook recipes from a chosen cookbook using the culinary techniques (when possible) of the same time period as the book’s original publication. We hope to eventually survey recipes from many different time periods and continents. Our members come from various academic departments at McGill University and from the greater Montreal community. We will update the blog twice a week to chronicle our activities. You can also find us on twitter @ https://twitter.com/historical_cook.

Our Process:

Before each meeting, each member of the group will select a dish from the cookbook. The member then is responsible for taking photos of the dish and is prepared to talk about the process of making such a dish at the meeting. If he or she had to use different techniques than those used during the time period, the member will talk about the differences (i.e. there is a big difference between baking bread in an open hearth vs. a modern-day oven). On the day of the meeting the members will share their dishes, their processes, and enjoy the process of eating and thinking about good food. We will upload the photos and the descriptions of the process to our group’s blog. 

Types of Posts to Look Out For:
1) summaries of the historical context of each month's cookbook
2) recipe and process posts
3) news about upcoming events

If you have any questions please contact: Alex Ketchum (alexandra.ketchum@mail.mcgill.ca) (english content editor) OR Carolynn McNally (carolynn.mcnally@mail.mcgill.ca) (french content editor)

We look forward to sharing our adventure with you!