The Historical Cooking Project is Going to the Berks!

The Berkshire Conference on the History of Women is in Canada for the first time ever! Since 1973 women historians have gathered every three years for the Big Berks in order to share papers, exchange ideas, and network (for more history on the Berks: This year the University of Toronto will be hosting the event from May 22-25. You can find the program at Berks Program. Past conferences have featured exciting panels such as "What's So Feminist About Food History." We hope to share with you information about the exciting new cookbook and food history projects and methodologies that we hear about at the conference.

As you may have noticed, The Historical Cooking Project has begun to publish guest posts from food scholars and other historical food bloggers. We have some exciting upcoming posts that we can't wait to share with you later this summer! Alex Ketchum, the English Content Editor from the Historical Cooking Project, will be at the Berks from Thursday through Saturday. If any of our readers are at the conference and would like to chat about historical food blogging, historical cooking, or are interested in doing a guest post, please get in touch with Alex. Her contact information is located on the "About Us" page. You can email her at: