Register Now for "Leavening the Conversation: Food, Feminism, and Fermentation"

The schedule is now out for our exciting conference, "Leavening the Conversation: Food, Feminism, and Fermentation" which will be held at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec from September 29th through October 1st.

You can find out more details and register for the conference here:

Conference Event: Friday, September 29th

1800 - 2000 Osler Archives vernissage: "Gendered Cultures of Beer and Cheese: the regulation of human and microbial bodies on the home and industrial scales."

Conference Event: Saturday, September 30th
0930 - 1000 Welcome
1000 – 1100 Academic Panel: Ecologies of well-being and the politics of fermenting bodies  

Stephanie Maroney (UC Davis) on the theoretical possibilities and material practices of a queer crip fermentive politics; Patricia Mangan (Mount Holyoke College) on "Fermentation and Menstruation: A Case Study of China"; and Chelsea Leiper (University of Delaware) on "'Re-wilding' the Body in the Anthropocene and our Ecological Lives’ Work"

1110 – 1210 Keynote: Alissa Overend (MacEwan University)
“Does queer food make queer people”? Soy and the paradoxes of veganism as a queer food strategy

1210 - 1300 Catered Lunch

1300 – 1400 Sourdough Workshop: embodied knowledge and relational affect, by Fold and Rise (Ireland)

1410 – 1520 Academic Panel: Brewing an alternative: disrupting branded, gendered, (re)productive labor 

Chloé Poitevin-DesRivières (Carleton University) on “Framing Craft Beer Within Feminist Political Economies”; Grace Weitz (New York University) on graphic gendered packaging in Chicago brews; Laura Tait & Anna Sigrithur on “Homebrewing, Gender, Ideas of Wildness in Fermentation/Feminism”; and Talia Ralph (McGill Law / Harvard Law) on “A Feminist Approach to Food Law”

1530 – 1630 Maker Panel: Gender in the Beer Industry

Jennifer Nadwodny (brewer at Dieu de Ciel St. Jerome); Marisa Sandlin (Harpy Hour podcast about women in alcohol); Deborah Wood (international beer judge and author); and Laura Urtnowski (co-founder of Les Brasseurs du Nord Boreale)

1640- 1740 Keynote Stefanie Fishel (University of Alabama)
"Fermenting the State: intersections of global and identity politics"

1740 – 1930 Reception 

Conference Event: Sunday, October 1st
0930- 1000 Welcome

1000- 1110 Maker Panel: coffee, consumption, and colonialism
Eleonore Schreiber (Odessa); Beth Thompkin

1115 – 1215 Keynote: Lauren Fournier (York University) 
"Fermenting Feminism: a retrospective of practice-based resistance"

1215 – 1315 Catered Lunch

1315 – 1415 Maker Panel: women in food/fermentation industries

1430 – 1600 Academic Panel: Epistemology of food knowledge: spaces and vessels for contentious knowledge production 
Anna Nguyen (Concordia University) on labs as spaces for knowledge production; and more

1610 -  Closing


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