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Founded in November 2013, The Historical Cooking Project began with monthly bilingual meetings where members would cook recipes from a chosen cookbook using the culinary techniques (when possible) of the same time period as the book’s original publication. For the first eighteen months of the organization, we surveyed recipes from many different time periods and continents, and published content in French and English. The initial editorial board consisted of Alex Ketchum, Carolynn McNally, Emili Bellefleur, and Kathleen Gudmundsson. Since 2015, Alex Ketchum has acted as the Editor in Chief.

Over time we grew interested in exploring new aspects of historical cooking and foodways and as a result, the content and scope of the blog has grown beyond the initial focus on cookbooks.

We have transitioned from a website focused on culinary history to food history and food studies more generally. Through the creation of multiple special series, scholars have had the opportunity to expand upon topics such as their methodologies, their pedagogies, and their epistemologies. 

The Historical Cooking Project remains committed to public history that is free and accessible. 

In less than 5 years, we have published more than 215 posts and reached readers across the globe. 

Thank you to the amazing scholars who have shared their work with us! Without your work, our work would not be possible.

 Thank you to our loyal readers. Thank you for your support! 

We look forward to continuing to make food history fun and digestible for the next 5 years. We invite you to explore our large repository of articles. Over the next few months, we will be posting links to past articles on our twitter account @historical_cook. Follow us!