5 Year Anniversary

On November 15, 2013 the Historical Cooking Project published its first post, welcoming readers to the blog. Five years later we are still going strong!

It's amazing how quickly these five years have gone. We have published 235 posts and are excited to share our work with over 330,000 readers. The HCP has featured the work of some of the biggest names in the fields of food studies and food history: Nathalie Cooke, Ken Albala, Paul Freedman, and more! It has been our pleasure to offer new scholarship on the study of food throughout history.

As an anyone who has followed the website since the beginning knows, while we have consistently produced a site that reflects our passion for food studies, we have also gone through changes: 3 re-designs, a change in editorial board, and most importantly, an expanded mission statement.

photo from our first meeting in 2013, cooking Catherine Parr Traill's Female Emigrants Guide

Initially the site was a forum for a group of historians and friends to share our adventures cooking our way through historical cookbooks in English and French. Over time we grew interested in exploring new aspects of historical cooking and foodways and as a result, the content and scope of the blog has grown beyond the initial focus on cookbooks. After the original editorial board dissolved after the first 18 months of operation, Alex Ketchum took over as editor in chief. Under her direction, the Historical Cooking Project pursued its mission of challenging the division between the academic and public history by inviting scholars from across the globe to share their insights with our readers. Likewise the HCP began to publish pieces that addressed how questions of methodology, preservation, and academic environments impact food studies. 

As we head into year six, we will continue our commitment to accessible publishing practices.

We are immensely grateful to our contributors and readers alike. Thank you for your continued support of the Historical Cooking Project. 

2014 Betty Crocker Night, original editorial board left to right: Emili Bellefluer, Kathleen Gudmundsson, and Carolynn McNally. Not Pictured: Alex Ketchum (taking the photo)