The Historical Cooking Project showcases new scholarship on the study of food throughout history. We are an interdisciplinary organization that publishes new content every week. Our material challenges the division between the academic and public history. You can also find us on Twitter or Instagram under the name @historicalcooks.

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Our History

Founded in November 2013, The Historical Cooking Project began with monthly bilingual meetings where members would cook recipes from a chosen cookbook using the culinary techniques (when possible) of the same time period as the book’s original publication. For the first eighteen months of the organization, we surveyed recipes from many different time periods and continents. The initial editorial board consisted of Alex Ketchum, Carolynn McNally, Emili Bellefleur, and Kathleen Gudmundsson. Over time we grew interested in exploring new aspects of historical cooking and foodways and as a result, the content and scope of the blog has grown beyond the initial focus on cookbooks.

Editor: Alex Ketchum
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Dr. Alex Ketchum received her PhD from the Department of History at McGill University while focusing on feminist restaurants in the USA and Canada from the 1970s and 1980s. Her work integrates food, environmental, and gender history. For more information on her research, please visit thefeministrestaurantproject.com and foodfeminismfermentation.com At McGill University, she is the Faculty Lecturer of the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies. In addition to her editorial work and writing for the Historical Cooking Project, Alex has been actively involved in feminist food studies and food politics. At Wesleyan University where she received her BA in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Alex was the co-manager of Long Lane Organic Farm. Additionally in 2009, she founded Farm House, a living community for fifteen students dedicated to food politics work, which continues today. She enjoys experimenting with cuisine from around the world and throughout different time periods. However, her favorite foods are the charbroiled fish and shrimp tacos from her native region of Southern California.


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