The cookbooks are listed in order of publication. 

  Markham, Gervasse. The English Huswife, Containing the Inward and Outward Virtues Which Ought to Be in a Complete Woman. London: R. Jackson, 1615.
Mr. English Housewife and the Value of Cookbooks

de Bonnefons, Nicolas. Les délices de la campagne suitte du Jardinier françois, ou est enseigné à préparer pour l'usage de la vie, tout ce qui croît sur terre & dans les eaux. Dédié aux dames ménagères, seconde édition augmentée par l'autheur. Raphael Smith, 1655.
Les Délices de la Campagne de Nicolas de Bonnefons (1654)
Simmons, Amelia. American Cookery, or the art of dressing viands, fish, poultry, and vegetables, and the best modes of making pastes, puffs, pies, tarts, puddings, custards, and preserves, and all kinds of cakes, from the imperial plum to plain cake: Adapted to this country, and all grades of life. Hartford: Printed for Simeon Butler, Northampton, 1798.
A Second Declaration of Independence: "American Cookery" and the Commencement of American Cuisine

Traill, Catherine Parr Strickland. The Female Emigrant's Guide, and Hints on Canadian Housekeeping. Toronto: Maclear, 1854.
Catherine Parr Traill's The Female Emigrant's Guide, and Hints on Canadian Housekeeping: A Brief Introduction
 Artusi, Pellegrino, Murtha Baca, and Stephen Sartarelli. Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2003 (1891).
Eustis, Célestine. Cooking in Old Créole. La Cuisine Créole À L'Usage Des Petits Ménages. New York: R. H. Russell, 1904.

 Escoffier, Auguste. A Guide to Modern Cookery. London: Heinemann, 1907.Le Guide Culinaire d'Auguste Escoffier 
 Le livre de la nouvelle mariée. Montreal: The Brandow Publishing Co. of Canada, 1934.Le Livre de la Nouvelle Mariée (Québec, 1934)
Mikoyan, Anastas (ed). The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food  (Книга о вкусной и здоровой пище). Soviet Union. 1939.

Crocker, Betty. Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1950.
The Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook (1950)

Dalí, Salvador, and J. Peter Moore.  Les dîners de gala. New York: Felicie, 1973.
Les Dîners de Gala, by Salvador Dali
Katzen, Mollie. The Moosewood Cookbook. Ithaca, 1974. 


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